Argencove's Story

Workers holding chocolate bars


As a group of friends fascinated with great food, we became entranced with luxury chocolate several years ago driving us to learn what makes great chocolate.

This led to 3 Australian families embarking on a journey of taste that evolved into a Central American odyssey.

We studied and traveled. We observed different cocoa orchards and fermentation systems in different farms and countries and conversed at length with industry leaders.

We examined, queried, tested, and tasted and felt that an agroforestry system from tree to bar complemented our approach to cacao and chocolate.

Through visiting 20 countries we made Nicaragua our new home due to the fertility of the country and climate and the welcoming local people.

We are committed to continually striving to develop world-class taste to achieve culinary joy. We will accomplish this by investigating what influences great taste in chocolate and adopting our findings in an environmentally sustainable way.

We believe in the elegance of nature, the union of sustainability and science that guides a healthy environmental approach. With respect to this our desire is to create a joyful experience for our customers and enhance our local community.