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Here at Argencove we acknowledge the importance of providing benefits that flow on to the local community.

It is our belief that significant community involvement not only builds strong communities but also builds strong businesses.

Workers with pods



In 2018 Argencove commenced its “Budding minds” school garden program. With many schools lacking green spaces for children to be children, we wanted to value add to the school grounds and curriculum via an interactive gardening program.

Our key focus for the program was to teach children how to propagate and grow their own plants from various fruits and vegetables with the aim to not only establish and nurture their school garden but to also develop one at home.

With donations of supplies, time, and instruction the Argencove team commenced their program at Granada International School in February 2018 with the aim to expand to further schools in 2019.

Kids at school garden plating seeds

Kids at school garden plating seeds

“Granada International School, located in Granada, Nicaragua, had the pleasure of working with Argencove of CyB Productos Agricolas, S.A. during our academic year. They worked primarily with our 5th and 6th graders transforming a part of the campus that was covered in rocks and debris. The children worked alongside the organization to plant cacao, pigeon peas, and plantains.  They also received classes on how to recycle foods and create gardens. They learned how to dry papaya seeds and reuse pineapple stems to generate new fruits. 

Their programs inspired our students to continue these projects at home. The plants grown were a source of daily admiration, used in math classes and in science classes. Measurement units in math class were taken outside to measure how quickly the plantain trees grow. The children frequented the gardens every morning especially after the rains began to admire what they had begun.

We are very grateful to this amazing organization and are very excited to continue to work with them in the future. Their programs are powerful and resonate with the children who then become advocates at home for recycling produce”

- Lauren White, Director, Granada International School


We support education and training

Argencove promotes and supports employee development and organizational effectiveness by providing high-quality certified educational training programs. By empowering our employees with additional certified training that allows them to skill and expand their opportunities within the local region.Local farmer drying cocoa beans

Local farmer drying cocoa beans

Local farmer driving new equipment

Local farmer driving new equipment

Local farmers in the classroom

Learning not only happens on the fields